Plaza Station
Барбершоп Медведь

Perfect haircut and shave

From 9 am to 12 am haircut for only 990 rubles

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Online English school

One week free at the Work Station is included with all packages purchased.

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Red Bull

A trendy energy drink specially created to combat fatigue

Free drinks for residents.

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Тинькофф Банк

New generation bank

Favorable conditions for business accounts and bonuses for our residents.

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Communication for business

Get a new SIM card without leaving the workplace.

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Telecommunication solutions for business based on VoIP technologies

Call anywhere in Russia for free.

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Level One

Lectures on elevated things

10% discount on any courses for residents of the Cowork Station.

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Moscow English Club

Advanced school of English

10% discount on all types of training.

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Ideal Body School

Residents receive 10% discount on workouts

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Trends Brands

An online store selling multibrand сlothes

For residents 20% discount on all clothing

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Multifunctional clubs with everything you need for a for good mood, strength and energy.

For residents there are special conditions for club cards.

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Service for scheduling and publishing on social media

30% discount for residents

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Surf Coffee Artplay

Bad weather? Go to Surf Coffee House, where the sun is always shining

Surfer license with cash back up to 20% on any purchase

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Online service for learning and practicing English

Discount of 55% for courses

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Create an impressive website for business and media with Tilda

1 month of free Personal plan for residents

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The University of the internet Occupations

Discount on all online training programs

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Your personal digital library

20% discount on all e-books and audiobooks.

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Gift and mood shop

10% discount on any purchase

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Flowers, Coffee?

A bouquet of dreams on the slightest occasion and without

15% discount on a bouquet delivery and flower arrangement.

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The dry cleaner of your dream

15% discount on any purchase.

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When cleaning brings joy

700 rub discount.

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Correct bookkeeping

20 % discount on the first three months of usage.

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Lunch on schedule

30% discount on the first order

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Gifts for everyone

15% discount on any order.

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Freedom of movement

500 points on your first drive.

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A man’s home is his castle

15% discount on apartment and cottage insurance.

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Fix Today

Perfect repair

15% discount on all services

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Enjoy your brain training

Free 7 days of premium access and 500 rubles discount on any purchase

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